About Nbiz

About Neighbore

NBiz is the business management application for small and medium business owners for listing and managing their products in neighbore market platform.

Neighbore brings to you, your neighborhood market place wrapped inside your mobile phone. We blur the gap between online and offline shopping by allowing you to engage with businesses in your vicinity with the convenience of online shopping. Be it your daily shopping, searching gifts for your near and dear ones, finding a repair service or booking an appointment with your favorite saloon, Neighbore facilitates everything.



Everything you are looking for

From your daily grocery shopping to selecting your wish gift, Neighbore provides you options for everything.

Quick Delivery

As orders are fulfilled by a merchant in your vicinity, you are sure to get a quick order fulfillment.

Competitive price

You can compare products and services from multiple vendors and order them at the best price in a few taps on your app. Offline stores can offer you the most competitive pricing.

Easy Return

Received a wrong product or a damaged product? Product return is just a phone call away. Your vendors are your neighbors.

Easy application interface

Neighbore provides a feature-rich and user-friendly application that helps you find the best offers around you, where ever you are.

Verified businesses

All businesses registered with Neighbore are thoroughly verified by our verification team.


Shop locally

Why would you shop with your local businesses? Studies have proven that shopping locally has immense potential to develop your locality. 48% of your spent generally returns to the locality when you shop locally. This provides local employment, increases regional tax base and improves local infrastructure.

Social e-commerce

Neighbore thrives to promote social e-commerce where you know who you are buying from. Social e-commerce goes beyond plain commerce and focuses on trust building which is essential in creating a high-quality society.

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How To Use Neighbore

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  • Install Neighbore app. it's quick and easy.

  • Search for products or services; you can also browse available products or services in your neighborhood businesses.

  • Select products and/or services you wish to buy and place order -Business will process your order

  • Receive order from nearest business.

  • Happy Customers

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Neighbore Technologies, Office No 110, Level 1 Sonigara Landmark, Chatrapati Chowk, Kaspate Wasti, Wakad

Pune, Maharashtra

(+91) 84848 17600

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